Jack the Hourse Tavern
The neighborhood tavern ~ a noble American tradition.

Located at 66 Hicks Street at the corner of Cranberry Street

After 15 years of serving guests and friends in Brooklyn Heights we are closing the doors of Jack the Horse Tavern. The events surrounding the coronavirus pandemic have weighed too heavily on us financially for us to continue.

Being a part of Brooklyn Heights over the years has been one of the most satisfying and memorable times of our lives. From those we saw daily or weekly to those we saw once a year and those who passed by on a tour of this wonderful neighborhood, the memories will be with us forever. Few restaurants have ever seen the loyalty and support everyone has shown us.

We would like to thank those of you who contributed to the GoFundMe page to provide support for the staff and our attempt to survive these difficult times. Your generosity touched every member of the JtH staff.

It is now time to start a new chapter in our lives. Although we do not yet know what this new chapter will entail, it is our hope it will let us cross paths with as many of you as possible.

All the best, Tim & Micki